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Perk Perfect

Yearly job ticket

Vienna is one of the best cities in the world when it comes to public transportation. Everything is extremely well connected, clean, with very short waiting times and you get to your destination smoothly. To encourage the use of public transportation as part of the enviroment protection initiative, we’ve got your yearly ticket for Vienna public transportation covered. All you need to do is use it.

Subsidized lunch

Used to packing your own lunch? Used to running at the supermarket around the corner of your office for a quick bite? Well, no need to worry here about all that. We want you to have a proper warm meal everyday at the restaurant in our building and we cover a part of the bill everyday.

Company Laptop and Phone

We have workstations but we move a lot around the office and like to work from everywhere possible. We are all equipped with work MACBOOKs which you can also take home and if needed, also a work mobile, depending on the type of your role.

Happy Kitchen

We love to make sure we always have enough snacks in the kitchen to keep cravings happy. You will always find fresh fruits, cold or warm drinks, soft drinks, nuts, müsli bars and other snacks. But rest assured, we do have enough stock of not-so-soft drinks as well for celebrating successes 🙂